We want our partners to be proud of their ideas. Here's how we make that happen.


Intentionally small

We don't want to be the biggest studio, we want to be the best. We're proud of being agile.


Brand Strategy

Your identity is more than just a logo. We have years of experience thinking about every detail of your brand. Then, we create it.


Product Strategy

We work with you to define the overall goal of your product. Every last detail is thought about before we even jump on a computer. Take a look at Wynd.



Creating a lasting brand is our bread and butter. Let us help you redefine who you want to be. Here's a recent one.


User Experience

The structural integrity of your product is our biggest concern. Let us figure out how it should work so someone else never has to. See how we helped SkinIO.


User Interface

Design is our forte. Whether it’s a website, digital product, or just about anything with a screen. See what we're working on now



No product is ever ‘complete ’. We building prototypes to help our clients learn, iterate, and improve upon. No big presentations.



We eliminate the gap between design and development. Making sure that our initial idea is taken all the way to final build the same way we envisioned it. Wordpress, Kirby, Laravel, etc... We know it all.


Print Design

We may be masters of the digital age, but we were born in the world of print. Everything from sketches to production, we handle it all. Buy one of our prints.

Creative, yet slightly serious.

We focus on creating resonating experiences and functional products with lasting value. We like to collaborate with clients who have an ambitious mindset. We're here to help to refine, communicate, and build the idea.

Our multidisciplinary backgrounds benefit how we approach each project. A perspective mixed with creativity, exploration, and pragmatism. We never stop tinkering and exploring with technology. All screen sizes are created equal in our minds.

  • Rebrand an NBA team
  • Phish poster
  • Tesla Motors
  • POTUS Campaign
  • NASA
  • Office on Kepler 452b

Simon Goetz

With a background in architecture, tech, and freelance, Simon is experienced in just about every form of design. This, combined with his childhood obsession for taking apart and rebuilding electronics, helps to form the perfect balance of functional products with clean code to back it up. When he is not stuck to his computer, you can find him running through the streets of New York, creating mad concoctions in the kitchen, or off on some mountain man adventure.

Alex Martineau

Alex began his career at his parent’s kitchen table, drawing everything imaginable. This still rings true today, only he has his own desk and better pencils. He cut his teeth in the advertising world, being recognized as a Cannes Young Lion Finalist in 2012. His interest in product design led him to found Milkshake, hoping to strengthen businesses with a jumpstart to their creative needs. In his free time, he plays music, listens to music, and stays slightly healthy by biking around Brooklyn.

Selected Collaborators