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A bit of history

Since it’s launch in 2008 Architizer has been on the forefront of changing the world of architecture through technology. With over 50,000 projects, half a million images, and millions of viewers (2012 stats), Architizer has seen impressive growth in the last 3 years. In 2010, Architizer made its first addition to their site, adding an editorial section that has since then become an active voice in the architecture community. This addition did however create a cluttered site that was hard to navigate and confusing for the users.

Reimagining the world of Architizer

After months of work and diagnosing the site, we had conceived a new and improved ideology of what the Architizer experience needed to be. Working closely with TypeCode, we migrated the sites magnificent content to a clean database, and worked from the ground up to produce a refined system that was built with Architects needs and the users needs in mind.

Functional beauty

With such great imagery, it was no question to make the beautiful architecture the focal point. We designed a responsive system that created an elegant browsing experience for the user no matter what device they were on.

The redesign had to cover usability and functionality of multiple audiences on the platform, from enthusiasts browsing the site, to firms showcasing their projects, to brands & manufacturers connecting their products to the beautiful architecture. The balanced mix of the three verticals had to be seamless, keeping the user engaged in all aspects of the site.