Developing innovative medicines for serious unmet medical needs.

UX/UI, Development Launch Site

Biotech gets a facelift

Kadmon is an international biomedical tech company, but operates very much like a startup. They spearhead innovative science for cancer drugs and other terminal illnesses, but operate with a top-heavy but lean staff.

Pharmaceuticals is a heavily regulated industry, which present its own conflicts and UX problems. We worked closely with the Kadmon team to work through these.

The pipeline

The heart and soul of Kadmon is their drug pipeline, which must be kept up to date and release accurate information in coordination with several government agencies. We created a pipeline that works well on mobile devices, and can be explored more in depth on a desktop or tablet.

Press releases & events

As a major player in the biotech world, Kadmon has high demand on the financial offerings and industry-focused events. We created an easy way for them to create events and press releases so their partners are always kept in the loop. We designed this portion of the site to handle a multitude of information types.