Nonprofit software should be easy, beautiful, and let’s not forget powerful.

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How it all began.

Back in the summer of 2014, we were approach by the folks at Solve IT Simply who were interested in creating a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management tool for nonprofits. They knew the nonprofit space well, and found a need for a more intuitive way for managing the employees, contacts, events, and groups involved. The CRM had three goals: the be simple to use, comprehensive, and budget friendly while keeping the learning curve to a minimum.

Branding across all mediums.

The project started off with an intense branding phase. Several important factors were to be considered - flexibility online, marketing towards different types of organizations (environmental, curricular, and human aid to name a few), and encapsulating the project in a defined visual language. We created a comprehensive identity that utilizes print material, the web, and event planning components to be recognized anywhere.

Product challenges

We knew this software was created to help nonprofits better manage their people, assets, work, and ideas. What arose was complications in making sure all types of nonprofits had their needs met. The needs of Greenpeace are very different from Teach For America. We tackled this by finding commonalities - employee management, event, and reports. From here, we added customization for companies to mold the software to their needs. This involved a complicated planning of information hierarchy and UX testing to get it right.

The UX phase was completed through heavy meetings with the Simply360 team. We went over pain points, identified other popular CMS issues, and made sure information was easy to access and edit.

The mark of experience

One major component of the software was “experiences” for nonprofits. These are anything from events, actions, and communication that can be documented. These became valuable for tracking budgets, people, schedules, and future planning of similar events or activities. We created a robust reporting tool that helped NPOs learn and act upon thier data.

Better managed events

Events can be a hassel to manage and even harder to track if using a third party system. This lead to the creation of the Kioske app, an addition to the software that let onsite users check-in, maintain, and update information on or related to an event. This part of the application is used in tandem with the main Simply360 software to simplify and improve data entry while at a NPOs "experience".

Nonprofits rely on events to garner support, fundraising, and to foster a community. For example, the American Camp Association (ACA) holds regional conferences every year to organize their many camps, get new attendees, and share ideas amongst other camp entities. With the Simply360, these events can be improved up which saves the companies time and money.