The Best of Greenpoint

The ultimate guide to navigating around Brooklyn's 'Little Warsaw'

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Keep it all in the neighborhood

The Best of Greenpoint is Milkshakes first side self initiated project. The idea was born after countless people asked us what was good in the growing Brooklyn borough. TBoG as we have come to call it, is an ongoing project that is just at the beginning of its life. We will be constantly updating and adding new places we think others should try.

The service offers a way to check the hours and other crucial information about the place, a small review, and the location. We split it up into coffee, restaurants, bars, and shops. We felt it was best to try and get a good variety of places if you are looking for the best coffee in the area, freshest sushi, a great microbrew, or some stylish shoes you can't find anywhere else.. We made this completely mobile-first, since it will primarily be used on the go. From a lightweight platform to natural gestural navigation, it is a perfect companion when navigating the busy streets of Greenpoint.

Always growing

We are always on the look out for new places. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to send them our way, you can email us any time.