A platform of human researchers to let you move on with your day.

UX/UI, Product Design Launch Site

Human powered research

Wonder is a company passionate about research. They recognized a need for more informed research that a simple Google search wouldn’t solve. With this problem at hand, they set out to create a platform to get better research faster.

They approached us with a handful of UX and visual design problems. We worked closely with their team to tackle the issues at hand and help set their product up for future growth. They knew they had a great idea, and needed just a little bit of help for it become a reality.

Oh to monetize

We began our relationship soon after they had begun to gain traction amongst users. With a few lucky Product Hunt posts and several other press writeups, their service had been flooded with users. Wonder was free at this point, but the network of researchers get paid for every request they answer. This is expensive, and good research is never free.

We went pencils down and figured out the best way to monetize the platform. We had to find a good balance of trust with the user. Offering a free question to test the product, but asking for a subscription once they had understood how the service worked. We employed low-barrier processing for these subscriptions, so the core service was separate and not bogged down by the payment system.

Everyone needs good research

The brilliant part of Wonder is the many different ways to use it. Anyone from academia (students and professors alike), business leaders who don’t have time to do the research themselves, and those with tough lifestyle questions (where is the best place to catch a river excursion in Laos?). Wonder can answer all types of questions. They have a diverse group of researchers to tackle the questions they feel most qualified for.

Because of these different user types, different subscription models had to be implemented. This also led to a restructuring of the responses, which now had to fit a growing list of question types. We hit the whiteboards and created UX solutions for all of this to work together, and deployed a strict visual design system to keep all of these different elements cohesive.

Clarifying the message

The object of growing the user base meant completely rehauling their marketing materials. Their website had good traction, so we started there. We crafted a clearer message that better explained the service and gave a peak inside. This helped in conversions of current users and also helped first-time explorers get a better grasp of the service.

Let’s keep it interesting

Wonder is not slowing down anytime soon, and we are happy to be a part of their team. This means improving tools for their researchers, tracking customer satisfaction, and empowering the user to share, expanded upon, and recommend the service to others. We began doing this by creating a beautiful response page that is delivered to their inbox. It has better rating tools, follow-up options, and shareability. This feedback loop helps the researcher understand if they are being effective in their work.

Like any young product, these challenges arise once more users are added. We plan to expand the service and offer strategy and design to make sure it is the go-to place for in-depth research for everyone on the web.