Changing the way businesses and consumers ship their stuff.

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Making shipping easier

Wynd’s goal from the beginning was to simplify shipping for both individuals as well as small businesses. Their team has immense experience in the industry, and knew there was plenty of room for disruption. With a handful of competitors already in the market, they knew in order to stand out they would need to create a superior product. And fast.

Start from the seller

Our goal was to begin by focusing on the ‘shipper’ of an item - making the experience simple, seamless, and intuitive. After this, everything would fall into place. The seller side of the app was primarily directed at the ease of creating a shipment. Uploading photos, descriptions, and saving addresses would ensure we get return users.

From here, the design system began to fall into place. Map components, notifications, and saved data helped create a valuable product that made shipping extremely easy. The groundwork on the ‘shipper’ side would then be used for every user of the app - where switching between a ‘‘shipper’’, and ‘specialist’ was a breeze.

The specialists

The other crucial component to the application is the network of trucks, cyclists, and specialists who actually help deliver your package. The application had to be flawless for them to use. They are tasked with picking up packages, potentially handing them off to a long-distance carrier, or delivering to a user themselves. This was a crucial pain point in the user experience of the product. Ensuring that technology would never slow down the shipment was key.

A better map

Perhaps the most used portion of the application is the map feature. This is the place to find trucks, specialists, and useful information for both ‘shippers’ & ‘specialists’. The real benefit came about for the specialist, who used this space to find the closest truck or next shipment without missing a beat.

Expanding past consumers to businesses

One way Wynd™ challenged other players in the market was opening up their network to small businesses that ran popular e-commerce sites. These companies like Gentry, Cooriday, and Pas Mal, rely speedy shipping more than anybody. Wynd used their expertise and technology to get the goods to the consumer faster and safer.